About Monetary Matters

Monetary Matters is in business for one reason:

To provide objective, unbiased money management, retirement,
     and financial education to help people take control of
    their financial lives and make informed choices.

Our clients are employers who are concerned about their employees' financial well-being -- beyond providing a paycheck.

We provide skill-based, action-oriented, interactive workshops, presentations, and web models that help individuals and families:
- Control their everyday finances.
- Get out and stay out of debt.
- "Find" the money to save.
- Estimate how much to save to achieve specific goals.
- Invest their money appropriately.
- Plan for important life events, such as retirement, housing, and college.

For many very good reasons, concerned employers DON'T need a financial education provider who is also directly or indirectly looking for individual financial planning or financial product clients. Monetary Matters is importantly unique in this area:

We do not sell or support investment, insurance,
or financial products, PERIOD!

Monetary Matters was founded in 1991 by Tom Blumer. Tom has over 25 years of experience in pubic and corporate accounting, training, and development. Prior to starting his own business, Tom spent over a decade in local and international public accounting and several years in corporate financial management. Tom has presented workshops on money management, retirement, and financial planning to thousands of employees at dozens of companies throughout the USA. Some of his own workshop clients include Scitex Digital Printing (now part of Kodak), The UAW-Ford Training Partnership, 3M Precision Optics, Federated Allied Credit Services (FACS Group), Baker Concrete Construction, and The Iams Company (now part of Procter & Gamble).

His money-management and retirement workshops have also been presented by other trainers all over the country. Some clients of other trainers include Abbott Laboratories, Harley-Davidson, Hospira Inc., Chesapeake Paper, TAP Pharmaceuticals, BGF Industries, ABN AMRO (La Salle Bank), and Sea Ray Boats.

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